“Life is a journey, and we all are a part of someone’s journey…”

You, me and other people are all unique. You and me might be completely different in outlooking, language, nationalities, but I believe we all have one same thing: the love of traveling. Everywhere I go, I always like to discover strange places first, and the famous places later. After years working in Tourism industry, I decide to launch my own company with aim to become a part of your trip to Vietnam, and for sure, make your experience our Vietnam memorable and unique. That’s how our company was born.
That’s exactly what we wanna do. We want you to get lost in Saigon and have unique experience here. Saigon has more things to do than just places reviewed on Internet, and you have to see it.


– Kidnap you and bring you to strange local places.
– Fulfill your stomach with local food in local restaurant.
– Bring you around our city on the back of the motorbike without any unsafe moments.
– Provide  you suggestions about things to try in any city of Vietnam.