From our experience, we all know that, when travelling, most of people will search for information about places to go, things to do, what to eat… Having good preparation is always important. However, places recommended on Internet are always full of tourists. And when we leave, our experience is no more than what we read on Internet. That’s the reason why we name our company Get lost in Saigon.

Get lost to see what others don’t see, to have unique experience.

There are many many many and many companies like us in this city that provide Motorbike tour. The fact is that the other companies can provide very good, professional and well-organized service, and of course, same route repeated. And that is completely not the way we work. We never put you into any group.

Our company focus more about feeling and experience. We organized the tour to fit your interest and the route can always be changed for you. We always ask our guide for flexibility and creativity.

We really appreciate when someone book the tour of our company. To us, it’s not just a tour, it’s your trust in our company. And our duty is not to let you down.

Our company never put anyone into a big group or ask for extra fee. Your experience is our main concern.
We always have the rain poncho, helmets, mineral water for you, so you don’t need to bring much. Sunglasses and sunscreen might be useful. Bringing too much unnecessary things is not a good idea.
You should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and look good when taking photos. As a precaution, you should leave necklaces, watch, earring, wallet and other easily stolen jewelry at your hotel. If you need to bring money to buy something on tour, please inform our tour guide.
For safety reason, we cannot let you drive. And, sitting on the back of the bike allow you to enjoy the city better.
For safety reason, we can only pick you up at district 1, 3 & 5, with other districts, you will have to pay a small extra fee (3 USD/1 pax).
Definitely yes. You only need to inform us in the Booking form or inform our tour guide before you start the tour and we will change the destinations to meet your needs
Definitely yes. However, if it takes up too much time, we will provide you the address of the store and some other information so that you can get there when the tour finish
Definitely not. We will ask our tour guide to change the route to meet your interest. Beside that, if you book the tour in our company again. We’d love to set up a new route specially for you