Taxi scams happen quite often here. Using Uber is a economical choice.
In case you think the driver is trying to cheat on you. Get out of that taxi immediately and ask for help from people nearby.
You may find it hard to download Uber with Ubermoto service here. You can download at this link ( you will receive discount when booking taxi if download at this link): Download Uber
Or you can download by scan this QR Code

It might be very uncomfortable to get sick when travelling, right? Especially when you are in a country with tropical climate like Vietnam. Many people told us that they cannot get the right medicine they need because the doctor in the small pharmacy cannot get what they say.
So, if you have a problem with your health when in Saigon, you can check out this place:

Don’t let anyone look inside or touch your wallet, especially when you pay and don’t bring too much money along.
If you are about to buy and pay for something on the street, take a look around first to see if someone is staring at you and your wallet. Be careful.
One more thing, do not put your phone or your wallet in the back pocket.

It’s good to have data when travelling and stay connected with friends on social network, right? Data can also help you to look up for things on the Internet at anytime, anywhere. So where can we buy the Data sim card?
Most of people I met chose to buy at the airport but I don’t think it’s a good choice because the price for it is kinda expensive. So, our suggestion is to buy in Thegioididong store, it’s the biggest brand in Vietnam about phone. They had lots of option for you to choose with kinda reasonable price.
You can take a look at this link:
They had lots of store in Saigon so that you can always get support from them as well. If you stay in district 1, the store below might be the nearest to you.

This city has lots of thieves on motorbike. Be careful when use it on the street, especially when selfie or take a photo.

Put your phone back in your pocket right after use. Do not leave it on the table or out of sight.

If your phone has any problem, you can come to the place in the map below to fix your phone with a reasonable price.

The money exchange service is available in almost any restaurant, hotel or hostel in Saigon, but most of the exchange rate is really low. If you are looking for a place which is safe and have good exchange rate, here is our suggestion. It locates right in the heart of the tourism area so that it’s really safe.

Unit of currency and color of money might make you confused. Check carefully before you pay.
Remember: 10.000 VND ( 40 cents) looks similar to 200.000 VND ( 9 USD)
20.000 VND ( 80 cents ) looks similar to 500.000 VND (23 USD)

Raise your hand and slowly slowly cross the road is the way people often use.
However, if you’re too scared, you can wait for a group of pedestrians and cross together.

People outside of tourism area are super friendly. However, to be careful is still better. You should avoid entering small alley at night.
If you look for help, you can always ask young people or students. English is the most popular foreign language in Saigon.

If you travel on budget with not too big suitcase, you can take a bus to get to the Airport. Below is the map to bus station to the Airport.
And don’t forget to be careful with pick-pocket when you’re in the bus.